Weeds of Ballarat and surounds

Weed Identification

On our BPG facebook page many weedy questions are asked and answered by the group, who, between them know a whole lot about many things.

Below are the links to the questions and answers.

Some weeds have a range useful properties, and idears on using them or controlling them can bee found.

 alkanet Alkanet

alkanetfull fb discussion

Couch Grass

full FB discussion

Photo to come

thumb Fierce thorn apple Fierce thorn apple

Fierce thorn appleAKA Datura ferox, commonly known as Long Spined Thorn Apple

full FB Discussion

thumb hawthorn1 Hawthorn


full FB discussion

Onion Weed

full FB discussion

Photo to come

Tagasaste (Tree Lucerne)

full FB discussion

Aug 2013 on FB

Photo to come

On Germination

This is a very useful weed.


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