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2022 AGM and social night – 15 Nov 2022

Join the Ballarat Permaculture Guild for their Annual General Meeting and social night!

We are meeting at 5:30pm on Tuesday 15 Nov 2022 at the Uniting building on the corner of Queen St and Dyte Parade, opposite the central Ballarat Community Garden.

After some drinks, food and music, the BPG committee and financial members will go into a meeting room to conduct the official AGM proceedings.

This will include the annual reports, election of office bearers, and presentation of life membership - a brand new initiative!

Non-members are able to stick around socialising while the AGM is completed.

The AGM should be complete by around 7pm, after which time we can continue socialising together.There's no better time to get to know our members and see what we've been up to this year.

We hope to see you there!

AGM Resources:


  1. to confirm the minutes of the previous annual general meeting and of any special general meeting held since then;
  2. to receive and consider -
    1. the annual report of the Committee on the activities of the Association during the preceding financial year; and
    2. the financial statements of the Association for the preceding financial year submitted by the Committee in accordance with Part 7 of the Act;
  3.  to elect the members of the Committee;
  4.  to confirm or vary the amounts (if any) of the annual subscription and joining fee.


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Big thank you to the Permablitz crew!

Thank you to everyone who helped with our first permablitz for 2022.

Such an amazing day with new raised veggie beds and compost bays, weeding, removal of the agapanthas and rubbish, cleaned up the courtyard, renewal of an old vegetable garden, planted donated strawberry plants, lots of camaraderie and sharing of knowledge, new friends, old friends with a yummy lunch and a perfect day of sunny weather.

We are so excited to have permablitzes back after a break and such a good project. Uniting and BPG have started a fabulous collaborative relationship over recent months, with Uniting very generously sharing facilities with us. It was great to be able to give back!

News, Permablitz

Come to our first Permablitz for 2022

This is our first blitz in well over a year, and we're excited to start it with a big community project and bbq!!

Please join us on Sunday 2 October for a day of connection with other like minded people. We have a great range of tasks on offer and new skills to learn. Our host, UnitingCare, has offered a bbq. We will have hot water facilities for teas & coffees.

Registration for the day is essential.

Children are always welcome as they are the permies of the future! If you are bringing kids (and they are most welcome as area is fenced and there is some room to kick a ball and play a game), you have to be responsible for them so we can have good OHS. See less



Permablitz is about people helping people, learning skills and seeing permaculture designs in action. We are getting ready for next season on blitzs and scheduling all hosts/places into the BPG events calendar. Hooray!So how do I get on the Blitz list? Wait, what is a blitz? Read on!Unclear what a permablitz is?

Let Hannah from Good Life Permaculture explain on this Gardening Australia segment


In general we say come to a couple of permablitzes so you gain an understanding of how the day runs (ideally 3 and also you are a financial BPG member). Then, we'll help organise and promote a blitz for you. You don't need a lot of skills, just a commitment to have a go. We ask that you come to some blitzes so you:a) get an idea of what to expect on the dayb) learn some relevant skillsc) demonstrate enough drive to show that you'll maintain your gardend) contribute to the Ballarat Permaculture Guild first (thanks for that!)


As a blitz host you are about to receive a big input of labour, design and good energy. Permablitzes are great fun but do require some work beforehand, so you’re prepared. You will need to have a clear idea of your garden design, feed the troops, do some prep work, and organise materials. You probably won't be doing much work in the garden yourself on the day of the blitz; you’ll need to keep yourself free to answer the many questions that will come up as designs are implemented.However, you can expect help from Ballarat Permaculture Guild with your design, working out quantities of materials needed, promoting the day, registering volunteers, facilitating the day, and some follow up help if needed.About permaculture designWe insist that permablitz must have some permaculture design informing it. Someone who's completed a Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) should work with you to draft up a design for your garden. Luckily we have members with PDCs - hooray!Why? We want systems which are appropriate to your budget, skill levels, time and to the constraints and creative possibilities of your space i.e.. we want it to work for you -- to produce as much as it can within the constraints of inputs of resources and time. We believe that applying permaculture design principles will give you a more efficient property, and that translates into less hard yakka for greater food output!You might already have a permaculture design for your place (perhaps you did one yourself, or you’ve had one prepared in the past). That’s fine – we can work with that!We don't discriminate against wealthier people, but we often feel better about performing volunteer designs for people who couldn't have otherwise afforded it. If you can afford it, you might consider a professional design. We have access to a list of professional designers. A professional permaculture design can be less than $400 or upwards of $3000, depending on the level of detail. For most blitzes something towards the lower end would suffice.Book a Walk and TalkThe blitz team will facilitate the day, with at least 2 blitz team members on hand to guide you through the day. Generally, you won't be expected to facilitate the blitz yourself (although some hosts occasionally do).One important step is to book a Walk and Talk with the blitz team members. This entails a walk through your property, discussing your project plans for the day. We also look at logistics, somewhere for lunch, and ensuring OHS is taking into consideration. It’s a social day but safety also plays an important role.Set a dateWork with the Blitz Team to set a date for the permablitz so we can add it to the BPG online calendar and post it on our FB page. Generally you'll want to give yourself at least a couple of weeks to prepare and so there's time to promote the event.


Fill in this form Permablitz pre-host form. Let us know how you'd like to be involved. We are super keen to have heaps of member involvement😊