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Jane's Black Hill Blitz

Held on Sunday 25th November
11 am – 4 pm
Read reports on Facebook, or repeated here...
From Pat Uber: (see full fb thread)
"WOW! What a wonderful day for a blitz and what a stunning end result! About 30 people and kids turned up to transform Jane's place and did exactly that. Great team work everyone."
From Jane: (see full fb thread)
"A huge thank you to everyone who came to my Permablitz today. I am truly overwhelmed by just how much was achieved in one day. Looking forward to posting some before and after shots - as the transformation is quite incredible. Wicking beds are now ready to plant, a lovely chunk of my front lawn has been claimed for a globe artichoke and asparagus patch (way tastier than lawn), my courtyard has been unearthed and is ready for paving, tomatoes planted in a cast iron bath in the front yard and the backyard looks a treat now it's not a foot high in weeds. Everyone went truly above and beyond my expectations - from the trailer load of fresh poo that was gathered from the sale yards, to the swift disposal of concrete and rubble - it really is an incredible thing that we do here with the Guild in Ballarat.

It doesn't all happen by accident - huge thank you to the Permablitz committee, the ever hard working Ian Uber, Pat Uber, Robert and Althea Oliver and others who spend so many weekends helping out the rest of us.

A very satisfying final blitz for the year - just think how many places have been transformed throughout 2012. Encourage anyone interested to join the Permablitz Committee - the rewards go far deeper than pride in a job well done on the day.
Thanks guys - I'll blog some pics soon. xxjane
The plan was to:
  • Install wicking beds down the RHS of the house using the large green plastic water barrels.
  • Extend front garden bed along fence – artichokes and asparagus. Remove concrete edging and lawn and widen bed. . .install edging (From recycled timber).
  • Watering system - Soaker hose (from Spring Creek Organics?)
  • Weed large bed in front of tank.
  • If possible, remove the concrete in the new courtyard and install the passion fruit trellis. . . but concrete may need a jack hammer and more time than we'll have.
  • Mount metal rod above the brick wall and onto posts – to grow passion fruit or kiwi above the wall.
  • Remove rhubarb and artichokes in the driveway and plant elsewhere.
  • Plant feijoas in the driveway – semi espaliered ? - if there is time on the day.

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