Introduction to Permaculture

This is a weekend course which gives participants an introductory experience of permaculture.  It's a great way to decide whether you want to do a full Permaculture Design Course - which we certainly recommend!

Participants get the most out of the course by coming to the full weekend.

Pot luck dinner - shared goodness

Friday night is a potluck dinner (which means we all bring along some food to share). We eat together while we meet each other, watch an inspirational video and learn a little about the history of permaculture.

The weekend days run from 9 - 5.  Please bring your own lunch & wear clothing for outdoor visits.  (Bring clothing to suit possible weather)  We'll provide tea, coffee, refreshments, etc.

On Day One, we learn about the ethics and design principles that underpin permaculture.  We also visit one or two local sites to see how people have implemented permaculture design.

On Day Two, we consider practical strategies commonly seen on permaculture properties.  These solutions are considered under the broad themes of 'built environment' (which includes homes, work buildings and related systems & structures), 'biological environment' (taking in things like gardens and orchards) and 'behavioural'.  The behavioural theme is particularly exciting as think about moving from a life of dependent consumption to one of independent production.

Visiting a permaculture backyard during the Intro weekend

Completing the Introduction to Permaculture is a great way to start your exploration of permaculture by doing something focussed and practical - in the company of like-minded enthusiasts.  Permaculture books will be for sale, and you are encouraged to bring any of your own books, site plans, etc that you might like to show others.

BPG heavily subsidises this course.  While some providers charge hundreds of dollars, and a full weekend is certainly worth that, we are offering it for a special price of $50 to make it accessible to those on low-incomes and to encourage some of our Facebook friends to 'make the jump' out of cyberspace and into their permaculture learning journey!  Please note that this means we are not offering member or early-bird discounts on this course.

Email [email protected] for further information or with any questions.  We look forward to meeting you on the course - and remember to invite your friends along, too!