Hosting helpers

Have you thought about having Workaway or WWOOF helpers at your place?
This session features long-term hosts talking about their experience with helpers, who are mostly international backpackers.    They exchange labour for room & board, usually working around 30 hrs a week.

We will cover:

  • key lessons we've learned
  • how to write a good host profile
  • common issues (special diets, language & communication, lack of skills, poor attitudes)

As a host for more than 10 years, I am convinced that having backpackers helping has been a major positive force in setting up the farm.  As well as getting work done, helpers give you a global perspective as they usually come from other countries.  You can make new friends, practise your German or arrange a place to stay when next in France - oh, and maybe learn some exotic new dishes, too!

I encourage all BPG members who are busy implementing permaculture designs - or planning to in the future - to come along and find out how to integrate backpacker helpers into your system.

Please bring a small plate of afternoon tea to share.  We'll provide tea & coffee.