Rocket Stove workshop

Rocket stoves are highly efficient; burning minimal quantities of small wood that might otherwise be considered waste.  Due to the design of the burn chamber, heat is generated not just from the burning of the wood, but from a secondary combustion of those gases which are normally lost as 'smoke'.  The burn chamber is heavily insulated to reduce loss and ensure that heat is used for cooking, heating water, or whatever final system the rocket stove is connected to.

This is a full weekend workshop, including Friday night.  You MUST attend Friday night as much of the theory will be covered on that evening.

Friday 6 - 9 pm      [Potluck dinner starts at 6 pm, Joel will teach while you eat, commencing at 6.30!]

Saturday & Sunday 9am - 5pm

This practical workshop takes you through the process of constructing a rocket stove power unit (the base where the fire is and the power gets generated) and a 'white' oven made from 44 gallon drums and various bits n pieces.  Each stage of the build is explained by your tutor, Joel Meadows, and alternative options discussed.

You can use a rocket stove to power anything that requires heat, such as a hot water service, or one of several variations of ovens (e.g. want to save the trouble of building your own oven? - just find a commercial oven that has broken down, cut the required holes in it and away you go!).

Please dress for WORK: boots (preferably safety), work pants and long sleeves.  You will be grinding, cutting, bending metal, stacking bricks, mixing cob and various other manual tasks, so please dress appropriately. 

BYO gloves, safety glasses and hearing protection.  This is essential.  Parts of the build process are very noisy and involve grinding metal, so safety equipment must be worn.

Please also BYO lunch for both days.  We will provide tea, coffee and light refreshments.

Camping is available on the property, which is a 20 acre permaculture farm 5 kms from Clunes.  Camping arrangements must be made direct with the landowner; Yonke.  Call her on 0418 501 127 or email