Permaculture sites and other useful links

Following are a collection of links to permaculture and other relevant sites.  We will add to the list occasionally.  If there’s anything you think we should include please email [email protected]


Permaculture Australia

Essence of Permaculture  David Holmgren, co-founder of Permaculture, explains the Permaculture Principles

Happen Films - short documentary films about Permaculture, based in Australia

The Permaculture Podcast

Our Permaculture Life  Morag Gamble’s practical videos about Permaculture

Making Permaculture Stronger

Permaculture Sydney Institute

Permaculture knowledgebase  is from UK’s Permaculture Association

Deep Green Permaculture  Angelo Eliades is presenter, trainer and writer in the areas of sustainable gardening and Permaculture.

Regional Sustainability Alliance Ballarat


Pattern Mind

Sustainable Living a new site from Environment Victoria

Sustainable Table - all things sustainable food

Smart Renting - great ideas for renters to save $


The PLEA Network provides climate change information and resources for change

Climate dogs uses animation to explain the various influences on Australian climate

Food/Food Security

Australian Fair Food Forum supports 'communities of practice' for all those working towards a sustainable and fair food system in Australia

Food is Free Laneway  is a grassroots, community led not-for-profit group benefitting all Ballarat (Australia) citizens with a focus on those experiencing disadvantage and has a core purpose of assisting and promoting food security and community cohesion and inclusion.


The Informed Gardener    podcasts & reports by scientists.  Permaculture  on common garden-related myths & beliefs

Vegesafe   Australian university soil testing - low cost for home gardeners



The Simplicity Institute

Alternative Technology Association


Victorian resources online  gateway to a wide range of information and associated maps related to Victoria's soil and landscapes.

Fire preparedness

CFA info on how to prepare


Zero Waste Home

Love Food Hate Waste

War on Waste


Healthy Soils Australia includes some excellent short videos on the Carbon Cycle, Soil Biology and Regenerative Farming

Soil FoodWeb Inc.  by Elaine Ingham, Soil Biologist