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Upcoming BPG Blitz – Haddon – Postponed, due to lockdown 6.0

Unfortunately, our sold out blitz for this weekend has had to be postponed, due to lockdown 6.0. We are working on another date, but will need to see how we go.

Maintaining your garden in winter is just as much fun as it is in summer, especially when it's with like minded people!

Our next blitz is in August with a whole host of permie jobs to do. There may also be a flow hive set up demo too. Bees are an essential part of our natural habitat so makes sense to know how to integrate them into our permie set up.

Bookings are essential - please click the link below to ensure you are part of the fun!

COVID protocols will be followed on the day.

EDIT: In light of this afternoon's announcement regarding COVID, we will monitor the govt website in terms of the lockdown protocols, and advise accordingly.

Details of the upcoming blitz:

The jobs are:

• Pruning, cleaning up and/or reducing quite a few established fruit trees.

• Rebuilding one dilapidated compost system, and building a second, new 3-bay compost system in a different place. These will be made from pallets and star pickets.

• Weeding, and cleaning around the many fruit trees, sheet mulching with cardboard and topping with wood chip mulch.

• When the trees are pruned, there will be access to the veg garden which needs weeding in preparation for spring planting.

There is plenty of longer grass & weeds around the trees and blitz attendees should bring their own gloves. The ground is uneven in places (rabbit diggings) and possibly muddy if wet, so attendees should wear good fitting boots or gumboots. There is a nearby unfenced dam, so children should be supervised by their parents (as always). You will have the opportunity to learn pruning and rejuvenating established but neglected fruit trees, and learn how to make compost bays from pallets & star pickets. Our host has also offered an additional activity for children & other interested adults in making insect hotels.