BPG library updates

New Books in the Library

Over the last couple of months, we have added a number of books to the Library. Some of these have generously been donated and some have been purchased to make sure we have the latest Permaculture related texts. A highlight of the latest books are shown below.

You can browse and search all the books in the Library at:

Loans Available online

BPG members can now request to borrow a book online using the "Send Request" button at:

We can arrange for books to be picked up at one of our community events (Permies at the Pub or Permies at the market) or contact-less pickup in Golden Point or Navigators.


Ballarat Permaculture Guild Library has moved

The Ballarat Permaculture Guild library which consists of 250+ Permaculture-related books and DVDs has moved to a new home.

Thank you so much to Karen Fitzpatrick founding member and previous committee member for housing the Library for the last 10 years!

The library is now located in Navigators at the home of BPG committee member, Barry Gibson and searched online at: BPG Library - Ballarat Permaculture Guild or directly at:

Members can borrow books by emailing and we will arrange for books to be picked up at one of our community events (Permies at the Pub or Permies at the market) or contact-less pickup in Golden Point or Navigators. We will also be organising electronic borrowing in the near future so stay tuned!


BPG Committee meetings

The Ballarat Permaculture Guild committee meets once a month to organise and coordinate the activities of the Guild.   For the last 2 years,  we've been meeting online, which has been quite effective and more environmentally friendly than driving to a central meeting point (especially for members who live out of town). The social connection was missing,  though,  so this year we're rotating physical locations, visiting a different member's house each month.  Those who can't make it in person still participate online - that's them on the laptop screen at the end of the table! This is a quick shot from our March 2022 meeting.  Before the meeting,  we also had a quick tour of James' eco- extension to his Golden Point miners cottage.. bonus!


End of Year Greetings!

Ballarat Permaculture Guild wishes to extend its warmest wishes to all members and friends as we approach the end of 2019.
Whatever your beliefs, whether you celebrate or not, we hope you enjoy a peaceful and relaxed end of year break.
We look forward to meeting more of you in 2020, whether it be at formal events such as courses or permablitzes, or socially at potlucks, the market or the pub.
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BPG Committee



Ballarat Permaculture Guild, now in its 10th year, held its 3rd AGM as an incorporated body, on Wednesday 13th November, 2019.
There was a great turnout for the meeting and to hear the speakers reporting on the activities of the working party for a new LETS (Local Exchange Trading System) scheme.
All committee positions, except for Vice President, were filled without the need for voting.
The committee for 2019-2020 is -

President - Steve Burns
Secretary - Lisa Hofler
Treasurer - Karen Fitzpatrick
Ordinary members - John Moss, Elizabeth Moss, Liz O'Dwyer, Indigo Brooke, Jude Porteous, Sarah Ryan, Elise Sullivan

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